Avgas Fuel – East Midlands

Avgas Fuel – East Midlands

Avgas Fuel.

Avgas (aviation gasoline) is gasoline fuel for piston engine aircraft and is not to be confused with jet fuel. As with all gasolines, Avgas is very volatile and is extremely flammable at normal operating temperatures.

Aviation Gasoline Types

Avgas grades are defined primarily by their octane rating.

Avgas 100

The standard high octane fuel for aviation piston engines. It has a high lead content and is dyed green.

Avgas 100LL

This grade is the low lead version of 100. Low lead is a relative term. There is still up to 0.56 g/litre of lead in Avgas 100LL. This grade is listed in the same specifications as Avgas 100. This is dyed blue.

Avgas 82 UL

This is a relatively new grade aimed at the low compression ratio engines which don’t need the high octane of 100 and could be designed to run on unleaded fuel. 82UL is dyed purple and specified .

In the past, there were many different grades of aviation gasoline in general use e.g. 80/87, 91/96, 100/130,108/135 and 115/145. However, with decreasing demand these have been rationalised down to one principle grade, 100/130. (To avoid confusion and to attempt to eliminate errors in handling aviation gasoline, it is common practice to designate the grade by just the lean mixture performance, i.e. 100/130 becomes Avgas 100). More recently, an additional grade was introduced to allow one fuel to be used in engines originally designed for grades with lower lead contents: this grade is called Avgas 100LL, the LL standing for ‘low lead’.

All equipment and facilities handling avgas are color coded and display prominently the API markings denoting the actual grade carried. Currently the two major grades in use internationally are Avgas 100LL and Avgas 100. To ease identification the fuels are dyed; for example Avgas 100LL is colored blue, while Avgas 100 is colored green.

Fuelling nozzles for overwing dispensing are painted red. To help prevent the possibility of jet fuel being supplied to a piston engine aircraft, the nozzle of an Avgas fueller is limited to a maximum diameter of (internationally) 40 mm (49 mm in U.S.A) and the aperture on an aircraft Avgas tank to a maximum of 60 mm diameter. Nozzles for Jet A-1 are larger than 60 mm and thus cannot be placed into an aircraft’s tank.

What helicopter fuel is stocked at Nottingham Heliport ?

Here at Nottingham Heliport we only stock Avgas LL (Aviation gasoline Lower led) We are happy to accommodate fuel stops and fueling out of hours on request. Phone: (01664) 823846

We also stock Jet A1.

Rotors running refuels are available for Jet A1 for those pilots wishing for a quick ‘splash & dash’ – please contact us for further details prior to arrival.

Avgas 100 LL Jet A1 Nottingham Heliport