Flying Lessons At Nottingham Heliport With Central Helicopters

Flying Lessons At Nottingham Heliport With Central Helicopters

Flying Lessons in a Helicopter.

Becoming a Helicopter Pilot is not as hard as you may think, people learn to fly helicopters for all sorts of reasons, whether you want to become a commercial helicopter pilot, or just want to fly a helicopter as a hobby. Helicopter flight is very different to other types of flying, first of all it is amazingly flexible and you can land helicopters pretty much anywhere that has space and is safe.
At Nottingham Heliport we offer a range of helicopter trial lessons to suit your needs, they take place on the grounds of the heliport with professional and experienced helicopter instructors ensuring safety during your helicopter flying lessons.
Our trial flying lessons can be booked in either the two-seater Robinson R22 or our four-seater Robinson R44. Training and flying lessons are provided through Central Helicopters who offer the following helicopter flying lessons:

Introductory Helicopter Experience.

This helicopter flying lesson experience makes a great gift for anyone with a real sense of adventure! Don’t worry though the aircraft is fully dual controlled and you can be as much or as little ‘hands-on’ as you feel comfortable with during your helicopter flying lessons.

60 Minute Helicopter Trial Lesson

Your helicopter flying lessons will start with a classroom briefing on the techniques involved in controlling the helicopter then it is your turn to show the instructor what you have learnt during a practical lesson of 30 Minutes.

90 minute Helicopter Trial Lesson

This helicopter flying experience makes a great extra special gift and is also ideal for people thinking of undertaking their Helicopter Private Pilots Licence PPL(H). As all time flown would count towards the requirements needed should you wish to continue your helicopter flight training.

Helicopter Private Pilots Licence

Once you have completed a helicopter trial lesson and decided you would like to pursue helicopter flight training further, why not obtain your own helicopters licence? This will allow you to fly throughout Britain and Europe. You will be able to hire helicopters from Nottingham Heliport and other operators. Once you have your own helicopter licence you will be able to learn to fly larger / advanced helicopters is you wish.

For more information and details on requirements, please visit Central Helicopters.

Commercial pilots licence

If you have achieved your PPL(H) and would like to take things a stage further, why not consider obtaining your Commercial helicopters Pilot Licence where you can turn your hobby into a career.

With our superb location at Nottingham Heliport in the East Midlands we have trained commercial helicopter pilots from across the UK and Europe.

In order to commence your CPL(H) course, you need to have achieved the following pre-entry requirements:You must hold a CAA Class 1 medical

  • You must hold a CAA Class 1 medical
  • You must already hold a current PPL(H)
  • You must have completed 155 hours flying time in helicopters, including 50 hours of Pilot in Command, with 10 of these being cross-country
  • You must have a current valid pass in all the CPL(H) theoretical knowledge exams
  • You must be aged 18 or over

You will also require an assessment from our Head of Training. This assessment will review your medical, log book, total hours flown, licence, type ratings and any other flying licences that you may hold.

For more information and details on requirements, please visit Central Helicopters.

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Flying lessons with Central Helicopters at Nottingham Heliport