Helicopter Refuelling at Nottingham Heliport

Nottingham Heliport offers both AVGAS and Jet A-1 helicopter fuel at competitive prices. Rotors running refuels are available for Jet A-1 for pilots wishing for a quick 'splash & dash'. Please contact us for further details prior to arrival.


Jet A-1


Jet A-1 fuel for use in aircraft with turbine engines.  

£1.20 + VAT per litre
Landing fee waived for purchases over 50 litres.

Jet A-1 aviation turbine fuel



Avgas fuel for use in aircraft with piston engines.  

£2.00+ VAT per litre
Landing fee waived for purchases over 50 litres.

aviation gasoline

Helicopter Refuelling Jet A1 Avgas

Standard Landing Charge £20 - We are open to visiting aircraft on a strictly PPR - Fill out the form below or phone: (01664) 823846

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*Booking will be confirmed via telephone.


Avgas 100 LL Nottingham Heliport

Nottingham Heliports Jet A-1 and Avgas LL is stored in two 15,000 liter fixed fuel tanks.
We provide our customers with the best helicopter refuelling service, available six days a week during normal operation hours and with prior notice out of hours.

We accept most major credit cards. For all fuel requests please contact Nottingham Heliport on (01664) 823846
or email info@nottinghamheliport.co.uk.

Please see our arrival and departure procedures before you visit.