Pilot info
Operation Hours & Restrictions

Arrival and departure times are permitted during our operational hours between 9:00am – 6:00pm, except in an emergency.
All flights must also take place within daylight hours – no night flying is permitted.
Call us on:  (01664) 823846 if you have any questions.

No flights are permitted on Christmas Day or Boxing Day except in an emergency.

Circuits are to be flown at 800ft QFE and pilots are encouraged to ascend and descend from this height as quickly as is safely possible when departing and approaching the site paying particular attention to the location of public rights of way that surround the heliport.

East Midlands Airport starts 1500ft above the heliport site and radio protocol is to be in accordance. See ‘Radio Contact’

All pilots should exercise good airmanship and should not unnecessarily overfly inhabited areas. Any aircraft leaving and joining the circuit area will be instructed to do so avoiding any of the local villages.

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Radio Contact