Robinson R22 Helicopter Lessons

Robinson R22 Helicopter Lessons

Helicopter Lessons in a Robinson R22

The Robinson R22 is the world’s most economical to operate helicopter. The Robinson R22 is a two-bladed, single-engine light utility helicopter, combining exceptional levels of comfort and convenience. The Robinson R22 Beta II is flown all over the world for many operations from: Private pilots, business men, flight training, livestock mustering to patrolling power-lines and any job that requires dependability, low operating costs, & performance.

The R22 Beta II used at Nottingham Heliport incorporates a four cylinder, horizontally opposed, direct drive Avco Lycoming 320, carburetor-equipped engine fueled with 100LL grade aviation gasoline. This 145 hp engine is de-rated to 131 hp for five minutes at takeoff and 124 hp for continuous operation. A powerful engine, lightweight steel-tube air-frame, and aerodynamic shape gives the Robinson R22 a cruise speed of up to 90 kts and an average fuel consumption of only 7-10 gallons per hour.

The R22 seats two adults and occupants have panoramic views due to the Robinson R22′s large windows. Acoustical foam lowers cabin noise. A heavy-duty muffler and low tail-rotor tip speed lessen flyover noise.

How can I obtain a Helicopter Licence?

You first need to find a helicopter flight school like Central Helicopters who are based at Nottingham Heliport. The mandatory minimum flying hours for the issue of a Private Pilot’s Licence [PPL(H)] is 45 hours flight time. From this 45 hours at least 25 hours must be dual instruction and 10 hours must be supervised solo time. Of these 10 hours solo, 5 hours must be navigational training including a navigational exercise of at least 100 nautical miles. Of the 25 hours dual instruction, 5 hours must be instrument awareness training. The 45 hours are split up into 27 different exercises. On completion of all the flight training you will be required to pass a skills test with our CAA approved Flight Examiner.

Which Helicopter should you learn to fly?

While this could be debated, we believe the best flight training helicopter to be a Robinson R22. At Central Helicopters you’ll start your helicopter tuition in a Robinson R22 helicopter.

A trial lesson in a Robinson R22 helicopter is the way most private helicopter pilots start their flying careers. This small, lightweight helicopter is by far the most popular with instructors and students.

Why is a Robinson R22 good for learning to fly?

The R22 Robinson is an ideal training and hour building helicopter due to the relatively low costs and ease of use. Learning to fly a Robinson R22, is relatively straightforward – you can be in the air after just a 15 minute introduction to the helicopter controls making the Robinson R22 one of the most popular training helicopters.